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Harmony Design was started in June 2005 by owner Jerry Santoro. Having just come off a successful career designing and building laboratory environments, Jerry was looking for a new opportunity.

It did not take long for that opportunity to present itself to him. One of the suppliers he used during his lab career was Greenberg Casework Company Inc. Greenberg had just released a new line of organizational solutions for the garage known as RedLine Garagegear. The products RedLine was introducing to the market were new and very different from comparable products in the market. Clearly, Greenberg Casework Company was onto something.

After taking some time to further investigate the opportunity, Jerry decided to start his company and become an Agent for RedLine Garagegear and RedLine Closet Systems. He brings with him a full repertoire of design and installation skills.

“Our reason for succeeding is based solely on bringing our clients honest and valuable information during the design phase,” said Jerry. “We provide the very best products to meet customer needs”

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